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Wicked Angel - Canada's Power Metal Trio

Wicked Angel

Formed in 1983 with original bassist Mike Meilleur, drummer Rick Amy, and vocalist Chris Maine, it wasn't long before lead guitarst Jeff Oppen recruited Pare & Elford and went 3 piece for the rest of the band's career. Today is no different... Wicked Angel will remain Oppen, Elford & Pare for all of eternity. The beast is awake again! Wicked Angel is about to release their 2nd CD for CDN Records - The Remastered Collection - Vol. ll. And another new song is featured on this CD. Vol. l proved there was a New World Rising. Now you can relive Yesterday's Dreams! Check out the RSS Feed link up top for news updates. We'll keep you informed about the new CD and possible interviews / appearances.

Jeff Oppen - Guitar • Vocals

Les Pauls with EMGs through cranked Marshalls. Things are no different today than they were 25 years ago. When something kicks ass, you stay with it. That's why Jeff has stayed with Wicked Angel all these years. Sure there's been gaps, side projects and other ventures, but Jeff is a violent axe-slinger through & through. Some things never change. Jeff recently formed Jeffrey David's BLUES CONNECTION, an extreme blues rock band... metal influenced of course. Nothing you wouldn't have guessed. Also check out and to see what Jeff's been up to.

Dave Pare - Drums

Dave Pare is about as good as they come. The king of double bass, Dave's has pounded the skins for Wicked Angel for a long, long time. He went on to play in Nuthin Matterz with Mark Elford, then BC based Box Cutter and Burlap. Dave's on hiatus at this time. We think he's at some mountain retreat someplace taking in the cool breaze, the fresh water, and no doubt tapping a rhythm on some rock with a couple sticks! Dave's last band Burlap.

Mark "The Animal" Elford - Bass

Still an animal! Motored bikes, young chicks... livin' free. Mark actually came to Wicked Angel after Meilleur and Dirk Johnston, but he was the mainstay. Even with a few players after him, he remains a driving force behind Wicked Angel. Ruining basses & trashing places... it was all just part of the fun. Mark formed Nuthin Matterz with Dave in the 90's. Now he's out in beautiful BC livin' off the fat o' the land. He, Jeff & Dave howled it up in a three-way call for The Remastered Collection - Vol. l. You can bet he's still howlin'.



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Wicked Angel: The Remastered Collection - Volume 2